One of the exciting things about being a photographer is meeting great people. Fascinating, interesting, accomplished, inspiring people. And sometimes there occurs an even more rare situation – photographing not one, but several great people. This shoot, done for In Touch magazine, was of three Japanese legends: Junko Koshino, fashion designer; Norika Fujiwara, model and actress; and Junko Tabei, the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest.

Before the shoot, I checked out several locations at the Tokyo American Club, which publishes the magazine. The club is full of breathtaking locations, but as soon as I saw this purple velvet booth, I knew it was perfect for the cover photo. During the shoot, I first photographed them with a round table – normally in the booth – in front of them, but then realized it was distracting and removed it. What resulted was this kind of ‘altar’ type enclosure, which frames the women beautifully.

Lighting was another consideration. I needed to mimic the overhead chandelier to some extent; copying it exactly would have resulted in an overly intense spotlight effect, but not copying it at all would have looked strange. So I kept the lighting high and central, but also soft and broad enough to light all three women evenly.