Tutu is a talented new fashion designer from Switzerland, of both Chinese and Vietnamese descent. For this shoot, she wanted to showcase her new designs in Tokyo. It was essential to emphasize the environment and contrast the grey tones of Tokyo with the vivid colors of her dresses. The model needed to be a classic beauty, almost like Alice in Wonderland set free in Tokyo. For this purpose, Olena Hutsol was perfect. Before the shoot, I scouted a number of locations and then pared them down to the ones in the photos. I approach everything I do as ‘portrait photography,’ whether it’s an actual portrait of someone, a picture of a product, or a pretty model in a dress. My inspiration isn’t so much fashion photography as it is photojournalism and portraiture. I think by applying this aesthetic to the fashion genre I can create something special, and something that hopefully looks a little different from your typical fashion photo.