Information regarding magazine shoots:

I’ve shot over 100 magazine covers, for magazines such as Eurobiz, In Touch, Metropolis and many others.

Beyond the obvious photography skill, you need to assess a shooting situation quickly, work with locations that are often drab and boring (i.e. most office interiors), connect with people almost instantaneously in either English or Japanese, and get a good range of photos within thirty minutes, and often much less. You also have to understand how publications use images; they’re not hanging them on a wall to be looked at, but utilizing them in a design context and likely incorporating text and graphics. You must come up with a new way of looking at someone who has often been photographed many times already. You need the person to be both identifiable (if they’re famous) but also like an entirely new person.

It would be hard to choose, but perhaps my ‘Award-Winning Women’ cover for In Touch magazine would be my choice. I got to meet and photograph three amazing women for this cover and feature. Junko Koshino is one of Japan’s top fashion designers; Norika Fujiwara is a famous beauty and actress; and Junko Tabei was the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest. All three of them are inspiring in different ways. Tabei-San was perhaps the most incredible: even though she was quite old when I photographed her, she was full of energy and zest for life.

Another memorable shoot was with Asano Tadanobu, the famous Japanese actor. To prepare, I watched some of his violent gangster movies, in which he plays a sadistic, psychopathic gangster. Thankfully, his real-life persona was nothing like these movie roles, and he was rather quiet, modest and gentle-mannered.

Finally, photographing the gentlemen of Tokyo Super Cars was a nice experience. I helped arrange the location – the BMW parking lot outside of central Tokyo, where we had enough space to arrange the cars and guys. And after the shoot, I was driven back into Tokyo in the Lamborghini, which was an unforgettable experience!