Information regarding dance shoots:

Yes! I’m always open to hearing from talented dancers living in or visiting Tokyo, who are interested in doing a photo shoot together. If you have a shoot idea, or would simply like to be photographed, then please get in touch and perhaps we can work something out.

Irving Penn for his sense of sculptural beauty; Robert Mapplethorpe for the geometry and simplicity of his compositions; and Lois Greenfield for her out and out brilliance.

The first photo in this gallery is of NYC dancer Taylor Gordon. We shot this in the famous Shibuya Crossing in the middle of Tokyo, at 6:30 in the morning. We actually met up once, did a series of images, and then met up again a week later to get the final photo you see here. Getting the perfect moment – when the crossing was empty of people, the dawn sky still a vibrant blue, and Taylor was leaping in just the right way, with the best expression and mood – was a challenge, to say the least. But completely worth it.

Beauty of color, form, line, motion. A person in a state of grace, with perfect poise.

I began shooting dance photos in Montreal, while studying at Dawson College as a photography student. Many of the images in this gallery were shot on film with a medium format camera, and one of them (K8’s Nike Move, Montreal, Canada) was shot on one of the earliest digital cameras, the Panasonic DMC-LC20. Amazingly, it still looks good after all these years.