Information regarding corporate portrait shoots:

You never get a chance to make a first impression again, and nowadays a photograph is often the way that the first impression is made, through social media, a company’s website, annual report, and so forth. A great portrait shows a number of essential qualities in a person: competence, confidence and approachability. It suggests that the photo subject is trustworthy, down-to-earth, someone with whom you’d be equally happy to work with or have a beer with.

One of my roles is to see you from a fresh perspective, objectively but also sympathetically. If I can show you a positive side of yourself that you didn’t know existed, then I’ve done my job.

Two major things I bring to the table are posing and lighting. Through my interaction with the model, I’m able to suggest and bring out various poses that they might not think of themselves. Lighting is another main feature of a photo session: finding a lighting scheme that works for the mood of the portrait, and also for the ‘face type’ of the person.

I’m also always looking for ‘micro-expressions,’ the big moments but also the smaller moments between those big moments. The moments where someone is happy, serious, mysterious, approachable, confident, proud, engaged, enthusiastic, and so on.

And finally, through subtle retouching, I can enhance the person’s appearance to make them look their best.