Information regarding advertising shoots:

To do advertising photography, you need to have a keen understanding of the brand and the exact message that the company is striving to convey. Is the brand casual or conservative, disruptive or traditional, or both? Is the focus on people, services, or products? Is the company trying to maintain an existing image or create a fresh one? If it’s an international brand, how can it be localized for a given market? As an advertising photographer, it’s essential to not only take ‘pretty photos,’ but to understand these types of branding points as well.

I’ve shot many advertising campaigns, mainly in Tokyo but also in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore, for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and many others.

Since I’m an English-speaking photographer in Japan, clients often wonder whether or not I can speak Japanese. Rest assured, I can speak intermediate level Japanese, and have no problem coordinating shoots and communicating with models in either Japanese or English.

Usually this begins with an email or phone call, in which you describe your project needs to me. These needs include things such as the main content of the shoot, the message you’re hoping to convey, the style of the photos, the quantity of initial photos and final edits. Once this kind of communication has taken place, I will put together a quotation, trying to anticipate all of your needs and the various contingencies of the project. If the project is given the green light, then I’ll put together some shot ideas, perhaps a mood board if necessary, and the logistics of the shoot can be planned. Scouting locations, casting models and suggesting props are all things that I can also help with. On the day of the shoot, I will bring an assistant if necessary, and can also provide a hair stylist and makeup artist. After the shoot, the first edits of the photos will be provided quickly, and after some client direction on which photos they like the best, retouching will be done on the right selects. I then keep the photos backed up on a secure hard-drive for future safekeeping.