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Welcome to Benjamin Parks Photography

HELLO THERE! My name is Benjamin, and I come from Ottawa, Canada. I studied photography in Montreal and have lived in Tokyo, Japan for over 15 years, working as a professional photographer. Recently, my photography has begun overlapping more and more with video work. I currently do both – photography and video, in addition to video editing.

MY MAIN FOCUS is people photography. My most frequent clients include advertising agencies, international corporations, and magazines.

DEPENDING ON the type of project, the needs and methods of a shoot are different.

ADVERTISING SHOOTS, for instance, often involve complex logistics, casting and scouting, all of which I can help with. I am frequently tasked with assembling a team of stylists, makeup artists, fixers and so forth, and completing the shoot to the specifications and budget of the client.

FOR CORPORATE SHOOTS, I’m normally doing portraits of executives in their office. I visit the office, see what spaces will work best, and if necessary bring my entire studio setup there, creating ‘studio-style’ images in that setting. It’s also common to shoot video alongside stills, so that the client has both kinds of media.

MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHY involves shooting a wide variety of images that will work well in various layouts and with different kinds of illustrations and copy.

WHAT THESE SHOOTS ALL HAVE IN COMMON is the ‘human element.’ I strive to create a connection with each person I photograph, and bring out something essential, authentic, beautiful and meaningful about them.

MY VIDEO CLIENTS include IKEA, Daimler, Facebook and many others. Most of my videos involve interviews, either on location or in a studio, and I’m experienced in capturing high-quality video and audio, using a full range of equipment from gimbals, dollies to jibs, as well as handling the video editing and final output.

FINALLY, I should mention that I’m available for photography and video shoots not only in Japan, but worldwide. If you have a project anywhere in the world, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!